We are crazy about designing!


While you shop and get your style on here at ibybthreads.com, we are working hard to create more designs for you to put on the clothes that make you look fantastic. We are IBYB Threads, a branch from iBrand Your Business, a graphics, business branding, and web video production company. We create many different graphics for businesses to display to their customers on a daily basis, so we decided to express our fun side and design some graphics specifically for products. In our plan to make our customers look amazing, we are starting with clothing and moving on up from there! Soon we will have pillows, mugs, accessories, and other products available with IBYB designs. We are here for you to look great and express yourself!

Although, we do not sell clothing directly to customers, online sellers such as Zazzle.com and Spreadshirt.com fulfill the orders for us. When a purchase is made from any of our online shops, the customer receives the order from the corresponding shop where the product was purchased. We care about our customers, of course! Without our customers, we wouldn’t be anything but a page on the internet, so if there is something not satisfying, let us know, and we will take feedback into consideration for future decisions. See our Terms and Conditions for information on refunds and returns.

Do you have a design you absolutely want to see on a product? Let us know. Whatever will make our customers look and feel good is our goal, so give us feedback. Want to hear about our sales, new shops, what’s trending, best sellers, and other great information on style and design? Subscribe to our newsletter here! Subscribe and receive our newsletter from brandme@ibrandyourbusiness.com when something is hot and happening!