Do’s and Don’ts of Giving a T-Shirt for Valentine’s Day

T-Shirt for Valentine's Day

Giving a T-Shirt for Valentine’s Day? 💝 Here are some Do’s and Don’ts 😉

Here is a topic that the whole world needs to read! Really, this topic can go for anything that is customized or personalized towards anyone with whom you’re in a relationship with. Here is the first warning towards what you put on a t-shirt given to your ‘special person’ for Valentine’s Day.

Emoji Warning

Stay away from the crap emoji!💩 Don’t even bother with the rainbow crap emoji or even try to justify it by making the crap emoji red or putting it on a red shirt. Unless you’re into some serious weird kinky stuff with your ‘special person,’ just don’t use the crap emoji. The crap emoji has a special purpose among the universe of emoji’s. It’s meant for break ups, to express when you feel crappy, or express your feelings about your job. It’s not for Valentine’s Day, unless your gift to your significant other this Valentine’s Day is the gift of singleness 😮.

Try replacing the crap emoji with something cute and adorable for a girl 💋. A couple ideas include: “I’m awesome” shirt, “I’m Friday Night Fiesta Fresh” shirt, or something like “I’m with him/her” pair of shirts. Those are a bit too common now, but it’s better than a colorful crap emoji on Valentine’s Day!

Guy to Girl 💏

Ok, let’s face the truth here, the only reason guys look forward to Valentine’s Day is for the wild jungle dance 🍾😎 that happens at the local hotel (bedroom for those who have the luxury to have a bedroom available for wild jungle dancing). If you don’t know what the wild jungle dance is, use your mature imagination. Also, a side warning for guys… Motel 6 is for any other day other than Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day should be held, at the very least, a facility with the word ‘Hotel’ in it.

Alright, back to the subject… Please take into consideration how the girl will react. A T-shirt that reads, “Cash Cow,” “Requires Attention,” or “Money Honey” is not going to go well with a girl. She might laugh and giggle, and probably do one of those pretend slaps, but inside, she wants to repeatedly jab a butcher knife through your face!!

Those are obvious examples. Here are some examples of subtle messages your girl may not like on a t-shirt:

A picture of roses 🌹. Come on—Really! There is nothing more that needs to be said on this one. Get her real roses! Then take a picture of yourself holding the roses and put the picture on the shirt. When you give her the shirt, watch her melt like chocolate on a hot stove top! 😍 <– Of course not literally!

Crap Emoji 💩— we already covered this one.

Unicorn Emoji 🦄 or picture of unicorn (this can include the picture of a cucumber, squash, baseball bat, or anything long and cylindrical). Yes, she will probably catch on to the subtle message. Even if you didn’t mean for the unicorn to mean what she might be thinking, she probably thinks that’s what you mean. This also includes the peach emoji. Remember, women are the type who you can say hello to being totally innocent, and they take it as a ‘fat joke.’ Try something more on the cute side. 👕 IBYB threads has a shirt design of a boy on his knees kissing the girl on the hand. That’s a much better message than a unicorn!

Heart image. If you’re going to put a heart on a t-shirt for Valentine’s Day, at least make it look cool. A blank heart is ok for kids or maybe high school, but anything above that should at least have an arrow through it or place a picture of the two of you inside the heart.

Girl to Guy 👫

Alright, how about a t-shirt from a gal to a guy? So here is news for women. Guys will not wear anything a girl gives them unless he really likes her, and even then, he is dying inside. This really does test a guy for how truly manly he is because if he is all into the girl, he will wear the shirt even if it’s a sparkly purple cartoon hippo  doing the Cha Cha 😂. Regardless of how much he might love the girl, be considerate of his level of confidence 🤓.

If he is one of those whose confidence is offended when someone points out an eyebrow out of place, you’ll have to be really careful with what you put on a t-shirt. It should be something manly or something he really enjoys with colors he likes and all that stuff. Depending on his likes, try a t-shirt with a Jeep logo, the UPS parody graphic, or something from Star Wars if he likes the series. If he is a super macho guy who is always trying to look masculine, well, this one is self-explanatory. He’s most likely not going to wear the sparkly purple cartoon hippo doing the Cha Cha or something as simple as a graphic of the Kool-Aid guy bursting out of his chest. For this type of guy, the best gift for Valentine’s Day is the gift of singleness (my opinion). On the chance you want the macho type of guy 😒💪 to stick around; you can try a graphic with a fist, Bruce Lee, or the notorious Bob Marley.

Needless to say, when it comes to girls, keep the underlying message in mind. When it comes to guys, keep their image in mind and whether their confidence is being questioned by what is displayed on the shirt. The great part of giving a t-shirt is the variation and the ability to customize it to just about anyone’s taste, likes, or dislikes. You can express almost anything with a t-shirt. 🗣

Oh and guys… Never resort to giving a girl a t-shirt with just a vertical line down the middle of the front or the back. It’s not going to help the situation. (If you don’t know what is meant by this…good, you probably don’t know what the peach emoji represents either! Keep a healthy and clean mind…❣)

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