Giving a Shirt ! <- The ‘r’ is silent…

Giving a Shirt -

WTF! Why do people like to say it with a shirt?

What’s the phenomenon of having corky, thought provoking, opinionated sayings on a shirt? You’ve got the classic “I’m with Stupid (arrow pointing to the right, left, or up, and maybe even down if you’re into that stuff)” shirt. In 2016 we’ve seen the hilarious development of the shirt design with a child Donald Trump wearing his signature suit and tie building a wall with Legos (Please no political comments people – let’s focus on the shirt here). Whenever a movie comes out, you get the character shirts like Chewbacca on a guy who is already hairy.

The answer here is quite obvious. As humans – we are attention whores! I mean…Seriously! Who doesn’t want to get noticed when wearing a shirt with an image of a fat Donald Trump smoking a cigarette next to Lady Liberty with a shocking look on her face, both in bed, the day after the election polls have closed? (Again, no political comments – PLEASE!) We are living in a cultural phenomenon where how you feel and what you think should be heard loud and proud with a shirt like the one where Darth Vader is frustrated with his daughter, Princess Leia, or a shirt with an adult skeleton design and a baby skeleton design simulating pregnancy (BTW, This is a really good subtle way to break the news of a pregnancy to parents… wink wink!).

Let’s just face it! People love attention.

We’re all attention sponges who love to sprinkle our sassy little opinions everywhere.  Everyone wants to have their opinions heard. Talking is a thing of the past! Ever watch a modern young couple talk at dinner? Yeah, I haven’t either because they don’t talk to each other. They text their friends how much they can’t stand the person on the other side of the table or they check out what’s going on with Clinton’s emails (If you have a political opinion, put it on a shirt… not in the comments).

Now with texting, social media, emails and shirts you can say it without actually saying a word. I think it’s called efficiency…LOL! Words come and go! Shirts live for years to come!

So, who gives a shirt?

Apparently everyone! Trends come and go, but all trends seem to have a common factor – Be Noticed! Say it with a shirt because you give a shirt! <- (in case you don’t get the joke in this sentence… take out the ‘r’) Happy shirt shopping and happy shirt designing… without the ‘r.’ 😉

Written by: Sergio and Theresa of

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