Terms and Conditions

IBYB; also known as IBYB T-Shirts, IBYB Threads, and IBYBthreads.com; is a branch of iBrand Your Business and operates as iBrand Your Business under the name IBYB. IBYBthreads.com is a registered domain to iBrand Your Business and is the owner and license holder of that domain. iBrand Your Business reserves the rights to the said domain.

All IBYBthreads.com shops are not owned by iBrand Your Business, IBYB or any of the before mentioned business names. All Transactions are managed by the shop where the order is placed. IBYB or iBrand Your Business do not manage, store, or distribute personal data and other transaction related data and history of any purchase other than an email when a subscriber subscribes to our mailing list. Orders are fulfilled by the corresponding shop where the purchase is placed such as Zazzle.com or SpreadShirt.com. IBYBThreads.com and iBrand Your Business are not responsible for order fulfillment, refunds, returns, exchanges, or any other disputes with the distributor and seller of the product. Any dispute between the recipient and the distributor of the product must be satisfied with the shop where the product was purchased, such as Spreadshirts.com or Zazzle.com.

iBrand Your Business receives compensation for purchases made on any IBYB Threads shop and may receive affiliate commission for any purchase made on a website that was directed from ibybthreads.com or IBYB Threads shops. Although iBrand Your Business does not own the shops where products can be purchased, iBrand Your Business and IBYB are the sole and legal owners of all designs on any ibybthreads.com shop on any and all distributor sites. Certain sites, such as Spreadshirt.com, allow IBYB Threads to sell other designers’ designs and may receive compensation. Such designs are disclosed under “designed by” and the distributor of the product is responsible for compensating the owner of that design.

IBYB Threads has limited control over pricing and some sites allow limited offers such as sales and discounts at the consent of the product distributor and seller. All defective products should be returned to the distributor and seller of the product. Purchases arrive with a receipt from the corresponding distributor and seller and should be returned to the issuer of the receipt as instructed by the distributor and seller of the product.

IBYB holds the necessary licenses and rights for use of images on ibybthreads.com as well as any advertising material used by iBrand Your Business to promote IBYB and ibybthreads.com. IBYB, IBYB Threads, iBrand Your Business, IBYB T-Shirts, and ibybthreads.com are in no way connected to the business operations, other than the use of an online shop and the agreed upon compensation for the sale of products, of any seller and distributor of the products displayed on ibybthreads.com or IBYB Threads shops.